Give Back Economy

The Able Channel

Brian McCourt

Bruan McCourt is a founder and CEO of Check out their vimeo videos. They recently release a show "Together We are Able" which provides examples of disabled business successes as told by the founders.

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Just Like Family

Kenny & Karen

Kenny and Karen are social franchisees of a home care operation in Winnipeg and Calgary. They both have interesting backgrounds.

Check out which is Canadian owned with offices in several provinces. They are a for profit organization but are also passionate about what they day and have a high employee retention and satisfaction rate.

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# Define Yourself

Chris Mitchell

Chad Mitchel and his wife have significant health issues and are running an organization, including disabilities with podcast interviews.

He is ab author and motivational speaker as well.

Check out the web site and youtube/podcasts

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AODA Alliance

David Lepofski

David Leposki is an advocate, well educated, and a Chair &Spokesperson for, the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Alliance. Check out the organization and information provided via their twitter account.

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Human Endeavour

Noor Din

Noor Din is the founder of a social enterprise which has also become a charity. He applies his skills as a computer engineer to provide a unique tablet application which can be used by seniors and people with disabilities.

The mandate of Human Endeavour is to work for enabling and empowering human development, through supporting services in health, education, entrepreneurship, employment, and training.

The organization is seeking partners across Canada to scale their tablet program. Check out facebook and youtube information.

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Marcia Moran

Author, Coach, Advisor, Advocate

Marcia Moran is an author, certified health and life coach, and is on facebook and youtube. She is passionate about what she does, continues to learn and give back to community.

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CCB Toronto Visionaries

Ian White

.Ian White is the President of , a chapter of the national organization, supporting blind individuals in Canada,

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Community Living Central York

Andrew Fagan

Andrew Fagan is the CEO of Community Living Central York supporting people of all ages with a developmental disability. He has a strong team and a large group of volunteers, including the board level. Check out their web site at .

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Courtney Weaver

Courtney Weaver has Asperger's and her sister has autism. She volunteered for disability events at Queen's University and her passion grew to learn at York University and apply her knowledge an experience.

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Puneet Singhal

Puneet Singhal has a stutter that was partially caused by an abusive environment. He is educated and has not let his disability hold him back. His organization, Ssstart in New Delhi, India, is helping people with this challenge.

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