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Erna van der Westhuizen

Erna van der Westhuizen is a mother, Phd student, key team member of a social enterprise in South Africa where half the team have a disability. They have products, services, programs and projects that help a variety of countries in Africa.

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Walter Dann

Walter Dann from Halifax Nova Scotia was diagnosed with polio at an early age. In spite of this he worked for the same company for 50 years. He became very active in sports as an athlete and coach, especially in basketball and athletics. He became part of provincial and national teams, participated in 2 Paralympics, 2 Parapan Games and a World Cup. He was also elected to the Nova Scotia Hall of Fame.

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Walter Dann

Walter Dann was diagnosed with polio at a very young age. He became interested in sports, especially basketball and track. While using braces he worked for the same company for 50 years which is amazing. In addition, he participated in 2 Paralympics, 2 Parapan Games, a World Cup and several national championships where he gained a significant number of medals and is a member of the Nova Scotia sports hall of fame.

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ENAGEB Youth Agency

Cynthia Bell

Cynthia Bell is the Executive Director and co-founder of a youth indigenous agency with 5 offices in Toronto. She has 3 children, teaches at the Toronto School Board and is an environmental advocate. Most of the organization is youth-led and Cynthia is passionate about what she does.

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Elevate Life Coach

Michelle Kuei

Michelle Kuei is a qualified pharmacist, author of a book, Perfectly Normal, a speaker and mountain climber who is a social profit giving back to community. Her business is where she apples story telling to help clients and coaches. She has followers in Canada and United Kingdom as well as the United States.

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Mennonite Central Committee-Thrift Stores

Karla Richards

Karla Richards manages 10 thrift stores in Ontario for the and She has both technology and business skills and the organization very much depends on volunteer involvement and donors.

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When Words Fail Music Speaks

James Cox

James Cox is a podcaster who has had cerebral palsy since he was born. He has moved around considerably and is currently living in Columbia, South Carolina, U.S. His focus is on interviewing musicians, where he has fun and learns. Check out the web site, The mission is to support those who have forms of depression with positive interviews.

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Puppet Mongers

Ann and David Powell

Ann and David Powell are brother and sister who came from England to Canada and have been operating for many years in Toronto and performing in many parts of the world. Check out some of their work on .

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Augusta Training Shop

Audrey Murrell

Audrey Murrell is the Executive Director of with employees with different disabilities who provide several services. They were on an ABC news clip and as a result gained many new orders.

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Homes for Heroes Foundation

Dave Howard

Dave Howard is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of . He has supported Veterans for over 20 years. The main program is tiny home villages which are currently located in Calgary and Edmonton, with new locations being planned for Winnipeg and Kingston. With many homeless vets their plan is to grow into more communities,

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