Give Back Economy

Puppet Mongers

Ann and David Powell

Ann and David Powell are brother and sister who came from England to Canada and have been operating for many years in Toronto and performing in many parts of the world. Check out some of their work on .

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Augusta Training Shop

Audrey Murrell

Audrey Murrell is the Executive Director of with employees with different disabilities who provide several services. They were on an ABC news clip and as a result gained many new orders.

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Homes for Heroes Foundation

Dave Howard

Dave Howard is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of . He has supported Veterans for over 20 years. The main program is tiny home villages which are currently located in Calgary and Edmonton, with new locations being planned for Winnipeg and Kingston. With many homeless vets their plan is to grow into more communities,

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Classroom Champions

Steven Mesler

Steven Mesler is the Co-Founder, President & Ceo of . He and his family are strong in sports and education. He was an Olympic athlete and with his many sports connections in Canada and the U.S. is making a huge positive change in classrooms. You are encouraged to reach out if interested in participating, volunteering or supporting the organization as a sponsor/donor.

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Walking Spirit

Jeremy Warinner

.Jeremy Warinner is located in Indianapolis has a significant disability situation and operates

Jeremy Warriner is a consultant in accessibility, hospitality management, and outreach. Based inĀ Indianapolis, he's a motivational speaker.

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Abilities Centre

Ross Ste-Croix, General Manager & COO

Ross Ste-Croix is the General Manager and COO of . He has a real interest in a variety of sports and many of the staff have a disability. Some of heir programs are reaching beyond Ontario.

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Volunteer Success

Aleksandra Vasic

Aleksandra Vasic is the director of volunteerism at , non-profit charity and social enterprise, matching volunteers with organizations seeking volunteers. They provide considerable support and Aleksandra can be checked out on linkedin for more information.

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Kello Inclusive

Katie MacMillan

Katie MacMillan is the co-founder and COO of a non-profit and social enterprise,

Kello Inclusive is a talent agency exclusively representing disabled and visibly different talent; because the beauty of disabilities, diversities.

An Exclusively Inclusive Talent Agency Representing Disabled & Neurodiverse Talent. The Cause. They are Canada's first inclusive talent agency.

Katie and her partner have a daughter, Kelty, who has cerebral palsy who became one of the first models for Kello. Kelty operates from a wheelchair and has done several photo shoots. They represent over 50 models.

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IDEA Project

Dr. Emile Tonga and Dr. Rebecca Gewurtz

Emile and Rebecca are leading a project with funding and time to research and action tools and topics with a wide variety of stakeholders, addressing disabilities. They have provided several sources in the interview and will in the near futures have a separate web site for the project.

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Meghan Hines


Meghan Hines is a Senior Manager, Portfolio Management & Strategy Integration in the Human Resources Division of the Royal Bank of Canada. She has a ventilator, a wheelchair, a service dog and will be married in 2023.

She does so much more as a sports person and has travelled to many countries.

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