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International Wheelchair Tennis Tournament

Andy Sutton, tennis director at Premier Racquet Club

Andy Sutton is the tennis director of the Premier Racquet Club Markham and responsible for organizing an International Tennis Federation Wheelchair Tournament in Markham, Ontario, Canada earlier this year in a dome facility. Athletes participated from 9 countries as points help in qualifying for the summer Paralympics in Paris. The events include juniors and men/women's events in singles doubles and quads.

The team plans to run the event in 2025 with more volunteers, participants, sponsors and spectators.

Andy is willing to provide support for those interested in considering setting one up in your area so you can email me at asutton and check out the tournament page on the International Tennis Federation website.

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Whole Way House Society

Jenny Konkin

Jenny Konkin started with her brother and is now president of the organization with several staff and locations giving back to communities in British Columbia. They support seniors and especially those with living issues. She is street smart from travelling to over 35 countries. They are willing to share their model with groups wanting to establish and grow similar organizations in provinces and territories in Canada.

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Street Level Women at Risk

Jaclyn & Mekissa

Jaclyn Seeler is the Program Manager of and Melissa is a member of the Women's Advisory Board. The organization has a collaboration of 26 agencies in London, Ontario and was formally started in 2016. They are willing to share their expertise with other communities to establish a similar model

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Dementia Village

Elroy Jespersen

Elroy Jespersen brought together a group of people to create a Dementia Village in Langley British Columbia with the support of a company he used to work for, He is open to communication to those who would like to start a village in another province, territory, state, country.

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Elder Wisdom

Schlegel Villages

Ted Hudson is a very active and passionate supporter of and which has 19 villages and 4 under construction. They have a very unique approach.

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Autism Home Base

Judy Hanson

Judy Hanson and a group with an autism member came together to start Autism Home Base which has helped many families over several years curre providing 5 days of programming.

Check out their information on their site, which shows that Judy is the CEO of the charity.

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Bargains Group

Jody Steinhauer

Jody Steinhauer is the CEO of the Bargains Group in Toronto which has clients nationally in Canada. helping individuals, non-profits and charities with amazing support. Jody is passionate about giving back to community and helping others.

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Torbjon is the CEO of in Norway with offices in U.K. and Canada, and is a great supporter of seniors. They also have an event for bicycles, They have an incredible video library

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Jari Hazelbach

Jari Hazelbach is an entrepreneur located in the Netherlands with entrepreneurial parents who are both deaf. He and his partner have created an award winning product to assist people who are hard of hearing or deaf. Check out Organizations or corporations can ask for a price quotation

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