Give Back Economy

The Redwood Theatre

Maria Karam

Maria Karam and her partner operate The Redwood Theatre for shows, movies, events and training. which seats about 200 people some of whom are deaf or hearing impaired.

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James Brown

Creative Realtor

James Brown is located in Denver Colorado and runs a business that involves several people and documents and give back to community. Check out

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Phoenix Academy of the Arts

John Zhang

John Zhang is the Principal of Phonex Academy of the Arts and the group performs at several locations during the Chinese New Year. For more information go to

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Paul Maskall

UK Finance

Paul Maskall is an expert in Fraud Prevention including cyber security at UK Finance in London, England where is Principal, Strategic Fraud Prevention and Behavioral Lead. He advises a wide variety of organizations, makes many presentations, is working on his PHD and will be teaching and writing a book

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Susanne Marie Bruyere

Disability Education and Advocacy

Dr. Susanne Marie Bruyere is a professor of Disability Studies and Academic Director of the Yang-Tan Institute on Employment and Disability at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

Check out the above sources and which has a broad variety of resources and tools.

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Mary Beth O'Connor

Mary Beth O'Connor has led an interesting and challenging life with a supporting partner/husband beginning with drugs and alcohol eventually becoming a lawyer and judge. For more information check out her book and web site,

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Eight Days of Hope

Steve Tybor

Steve Tybor is the founder, President and CEO of Eight Days of Hope is a Christian non-profit established to serve those in need after natural and human disasters. across all 50 states with a huge number of leaders and volunteers who provide rapid response, building and food.

They are open to sharing their model in other countries. For more information go to

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Student Aces

Kriss Webb

Krissy Webb is the co-founder (with her father) of Student ACES with the mission to Create Champions focused on creating the leaders of tomorrow among student athletes in South Florida. For more information go to .

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Irina Castellano

Irina Castellano lives in Sydney, Australia and gives back to the community by helping struggling parents. She looks after their kids through the foster care system. She has written 3 books and more information is available through the web site,

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Russ and Watson

Russ Farnsworth

Russ Farnsworth is gentleman in California with a disability and is an activist in politics and law. The web site, refers to Russ and his dog Watson. He is also active on Youtube and other social media.

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