Give Back Economy

Fundraising for Non-profits

Len Poulin

A Rotary club used & panorama fundraising software for non-profits to raise $30,000. This approach could be used by many organizations. It was introduced and applied by Leonard Poulin.

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What 3 words

Khongoruzul Otgonbayar

Khongorzul Otgonbayar was born in Mongolia and travels to many countries to engage and promote the organization she works and gain additional partners. lets you identify locations and can be used in over 54 languages.

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Wild Life SOS

Puja Deb

Puja Deb is part of an organization that supports large animals in India. For more details check out their web site, .

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Doctors in Uganda


Richard Kalungi is the lead doctor of based in Kampala providing a range of services and projects in Uganda/ This includes health camps. He is a doctor and an entrepreneur.

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Visually Impaired Children

Marianne Konij

Marianne has a teaching background and supports visually impaired children in Amsterdam, Holland and Cape Town, South Africa.

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Accessible Housing Network

Sal Amenta

Sal Amenta is co-chair of the Accessible Housing Network, a collaboration of over 35 Canadian non-profit organizations advocating for Canadian building codes to be mandated to have all homes built according to Univeral Design standards. Check out a recent tv interview, . Check out their web site, and consider signing the petitions.

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Visual Impairment-children; Sewers


< Marianne travels between South Africa and Holland with a passion for helping visually impaired children as a former elementary teacher. She also helps women sewers start a business.

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Stop Gap

Luke Anderson

Luke Anderson operates from a power wheelchair and with a team of volunteers they build and distribute ramps to make places accessible in several communities. Each ramp has the web site address, on it.

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Abilities Expo

David Korse

Abilities Expo takes place in 7 large communities in the U.S. There was one in Toronto, Canada, that was discontinued. David Korse, President and an associate run the expos with a local organizer. The attendance fee is $0 as the booths pay the fees. The expos have been run by David and the team for 15 years with the original expo in 1979. The web site is Check out their information and newsletter.

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Yellow Tree Grants

Laura Bonnett

Dr. Laura Bonnett has rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, a PhD in political science and is the founder of a business, which supports non-profits and charities withe process of grant funding in Canada. She is passionate about her work and sees all their clients as partners.

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