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Start-up accelerator

Jeremy Poteck is the founder and president of Poteck Power Corporation and founder and mentor of , a Toronto based accelerator supporting startups with a unique program and financing, based on the model that Jeremy participated in. Locolab is seeking applicants.

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Sarah Cipkar

Student, politician, developer, community developer

Sarah Cipkar, is a tiny home developer, politician, student, mother, advocate and community supporter with a major project project area of ADU (additional dwelling unit)-tiny homes.

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Toronto Metropolitan University Disability Program

Esther Ignagi & Eliza Chandler

Esther Ignagi is the Director and Associate Professor, and Eliza Chandler is an Associate Professor of the School of Disability Studies at The Toronto Metropolitan University in Toronto, Ontario. School of Disability Studies - Toronto Metropolitan University ( Both have PHDs and are passionate about their work.

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Anita Miller & Anton Vermunt

Disability Advocates

Anita Miller operates from a wheel chair and Anton Vermunt provides motivational, emotional and social support

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Weston & Molly


Visit on July 16,2022

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ODEN - Disability Employment

Jeannette Campbell & Ingrid Musschta , the Ontario Disability Employment Network is a provincial organization that connects employers and Employment Service Providers for job seekers who have a disability.

Jeannette Campbell is the President, and Ingrid Muschta is the Director of Special Projects and Innovation.

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ODEN-disability employment

Jeannette Campbell & Ingrid Muschta is the Ontario Disability Employment Network that brings ogether businesses and employment services providers to increase employment opportunities for job seekers who have a disability.

The interview was with Jeanette Campbell, President and Ingrid Muschta, Director Special Projects & Innovation.

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Bolanie Adewole

Deyemi Adewole

Bolanie Adewole is a former lawyer, social supporter, owner of a Montessori School and second school for children with special needs. She is passionate about her work

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Maggie Lyons MacFarlane

Disability Advocate & Researcher

Maggie has a great deal of knowledge and skill and experience, including volunteer chair of . She is passionate about learning and giving back in the disability area with excellent research skills..

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