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Emily Kane Miller

Emily Kane Miller is the Founder and CEO of Ethos Giving - A Philanthropic Services Company (, based in Los Angeles, California. See also : .

Ethos Giving works with corporations, individuals, and foundations committed to moving the needle. Whatever your focus — social services, environmental stewardship, education, the arts and beyond — they can help your work be exceptional. 

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Downsizing Diva

Shirley Coughlin

Downsizing Diva is a social franchise operation started in 2001 by a real estate agent and teacher who became entrepreneurs. Our conversation was with a franchisee, Shirley Coughlin and her husband Terry. They are a for-profit social enterprise giving back to community, including families from Ukraine. Check out

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Faith and Sparkles Books

Faith Abraham

Faith is 5 years old and has written 3 books that include her 9 year old dog, Sparkles. Faith's mother is Delissa and she is a former vet having served in the army and navy. She helps Faith with presentations and workshops and book sales. Check them out on and social media.

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Neil Squire Society

Chad Leaman is Director Of Innovation at the Neil Squire Society which uses technology tools and training to support people with a disability They are a national organization with many of their employees with a disability who are passionate about giving back to community.

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Youth Justice Network

Christine Pahigian

Christine Pahigian is the Executive Director of the Youth Justice Network, in New York City which supports youth who may have been incarcerated in Rikers .They have over 50 employees in 3 borough offices.

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Melly's Workplace

Aimee & Ellen

Aimee and Ellen are social entrepreneurs who run a social enterprise, , a cafe and marketplace for learning challenged with program students who work 3-4 hour shifts and are helped with the job hunt.

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Kayla's Children Centre

Mira Lax

Mira Lac is the Director of Marketing at helping children and youth with an amazing centre for those with a disability where they have great facilities and equipment for those up to 21 and supporting their families.

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Luca Patuelli

Lazy Legs

Luca Patuelli is father, dancer, choreographer, workshop presenter, host. Check out the following: Founder of with an international team of 8 dancers. There are examples on youtube and

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Alice's Kids

Ron Fitzimmons

Alice's Kids is a Virginia, based national charity run by Ron Fitzimmons, Executive Director, with support from his sister Laura and is named after their mother.

Working with a network of hundreds of teachers and social workers, Alice’s Kids pays for items for kids because they believe A little help…goes a long way.

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Youth Speak

Una Wright

Una Wright lost 2 sons when they were young and started Youth Speak which has been operating for almost 20 years helping youth with personal stories and coping strategies. They help teachers, parents, youth and school boards, and are an amazing social enterprise charity.

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